Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides insurance coverage for Canadians visiting other countries, and / or other provinces in Canada.

Visitors To Canada or SuperVisa insurance provides insurance coverage for foreign visitors coming to Canada.

Visitors To Canada also provides emergency medical insurance for returning Canadians whose provincial health care has expired.

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Canadian Out Of Province Travel Insurance
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OHIP Out of Country Services
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All Inclusive

Emergency Medical
Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Baggage Loss

Emergency Medical

Insurance coverage for unexpected medical events (sickness & injury). Depending on the policy and your medical issues, you may be covered for pre-existing medical conditions.

Trip Cancellation

Reimbursement of non-refundable travel costs if your trip must be cancelled prior to your departure.

Trip Interruption

Reimbursement of the cost of returning home early should your trip be cut short after your departure. This product is usually included with trip cancellation but can be purchased separately when not purchasing trip Cancellation.

Baggage Loss

Reimbursement for lost or stolen property while travelling.

Car Rental

Insurance coverage for damage or loss of the rental car.

Accidental Death

A lump sum payment to your specified beneficiary in the event of your death by accident.

Group Travel

Group Travel Insurance provides a group (discounted) price for a number of people travelling together for a specific purpose. It could be for sport, a wedding, a family get together at a vacation resort etc. The minimum number of people is usually 10 to 15.


Specially Designed Emergency Medical Insurance for Canadian Students studying in other countries
Foreign Students studying in Canada.

Sport / Special Risk

Special Travel Insurance for contact sport, off track skiing, motocross, racing and many other high risk activities. 

Visitors To Canada

Emergency Medical Insurance coverage for visitors to Canada from other countries.


Emergency Medical Insurance coverage for visitors to Canada from other countries who need the SuperVisa requirements.


Medical Insurance coverage for Canadians living in other countries.


Medical Insurance coverage in Canada for employees of businesses from other countries.

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