Are you one of the many Canadians who love to travel and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful country of ours? Do you have insurance that provides Canadian out of province travel insurance? There are so many beautiful provinces to visit and whether you are on a ski trip to BC, whale watching in Nova Scotia, visiting family or friends in the prairies, traveling to compete in or watch sports, RVing across country, it is absolutely vital that you take out emergency medical travel insurance. Most people do not realize that they need travel insurance when they travel within Canada but the fact is that provincial health coverage only covers basic health care needs. What a lot of Canadians don’t realize is that they could incur charges above and beyond basic provincial health coverage which can only be covered by an insurance plan.

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  • An Ontario man who was visiting the Yukon became sick. He need treatment that was not available in the Yukon and was  transported to Vancouver by air ambulance. It cost him over $18,000.
  • A Montreal woman was mauled by a bear in Churchill, Manitoba. The resulting ground and air ambulance fees were over $13,000.
  • A Winnipeg man traveling out of province on business experienced severe abdominal pain. An ambulance took him to the nearest hospital, where it was discovered he was having an acute gallbladder attack. He required surgery and was discharged after two days. He was not medically fit to drive so he flew back home. The cost of the ambulance, plus the cost of his air fare, plus the cost of having his car returned home was $2,625.31. It was paid for by his travel insurance.

All the above examples would have been covered by out of province travel insurance.

When you are traveling across this vast country and an accident or medical emergency occurs, there is a high possibility that you would need an air ambulance to get to hospital. You could be looking at $10,000 or $20,000 bill. Travel insurance would cover the cost of those expenses.

After your immediate medical care, you may not be mobile, in which case how do you get back to your own province? Travel insurance would bring you home, even to a hospital near where you live if needed.

Occasionally, when out of province you may be required by a medical facility to put down a deposit, or even pay the whole amount. You would then claim back that amount from your provincial health care which could take months. If you have travel insurance in place, the insurance company would take care of all the criteria needed with the medical facility.

If you already have Out of Country travel insurance in place, it will also cover you for being out of province. However, if you don’t, it is extremely advisable to be safe and purchase. For further information please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.

Canadian out of province travel insurance is very affordable.


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