Cannabis and Canadian Travel Insurance?

What does this mean for Canadian Travelers?

  • Canada’s border rules have not changed because of the Cannabis Act.
  • Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis into Canada or outside of Canada remains illegal. As a result this could result in serious criminal penalties for you in Canada and abroad. This will apply even when travelling to or from places where cannabis is now legal.
  • Bringing cannabis used for medical purposes across the Canada/US border will also remain illegal.

The Government of Canada recommend downloading Don’t travel internationally with cannabis. You can also get copies by ordering online.

How will your  Travel Insurance Company respond?

Emergency Medical Insurance:

  • If a claim arises due to the abuse or misuse of cannabis, the claim would be denied.
  • A claim may be covered, provided stability requirements are met, it was recommended by a doctor and was taken for medicinal purposes.
  • Should your cannabis is used for recreational purposes the claim would be determined by whether or not it’s legal in the location where the emergency happened: 
    • If it is legal, then the claim may be covered.
    • Otherwise the claim would be denied.
  • Over the counter medications are not covered by your insurance. Legal cannabis is an over the counter medication. You claim would be denied to fill your medical cannabis prescription.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:

A trip cancellation claim would be denied if the traveler tried to cross the border and was denied entry because they’re banned, due to previous cannabis declaration. This is not a covered risk of the policy. 

NOTE… This information has been provided as a guideline to understanding your travel insurance. There are many different travel insurance companies with different policies. Please check with your travel insurance company or travel insurance broker to know the specifics of your coverage in each situation.

We give thanks to tugo for providing this information which will assist brokers and travelers in understanding this new situation in Canada.