7 Benefits of a Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance

Do you travel to another country or another province more than once a year? If you do, a Multi-Trip Annual Emergency Medical Travel Insurance plan may be right for you. How often you travel and how many days at a time you travel has a big impact on the costs you will pay for your travel insurance. If you travel two or more times a year it is most likely that purchasing a Multi-Trip Annual Emergency Medical insurance plan will cost less than purchasing multiple single trip insurance plans, which will result in saving you money as well as being more convenient.

Benefits of a Multi-Trip Annual Plan:

  1. Convenience
  2. Flexibility
  3. Save Money
  4. Save Time
  5. Family Plans
  6. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance
  7. Sports Coverage 


  1. Credit Card and Health Insurance Travel Plans
  2. Travel Insurance Company verses Travel Insurance Broker

1. Convenience:

A Multi-Trip Annual plan would be already in place so you do not need to remember to purchase your travel insurance for your next trip since you will be covered for a full year. Also you can renew your insurance each year subject to age or serious medical issues. Different travel insurance companies have different restrictions. Your Travel Insurance Broker will be able to advise you.Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance covers you while you are traveling to other provinces as well as other countries. If you go cross border shopping or short business trips within Canada, make sure you have the right travel insurance. You can purchase Multi-Trip Annual Plans for 4 day trips, 5, 8, 10, 15, 17, 25 day, 30/31 day, 60 day and upwards.

2. Flexibility:

Not all trips are created equal. Some trips are for a few days, some last for weeks, some are within Canada but outside your home province and some are to other countries. If your trip is for longer than the number of days provided by your Annual Plan, simply contact your provider to purchase the extra days needed (before you travel preferably). This is called top-up or extension travel insurance.

3. Save Money:

Purchasing a Multi Trip Annual insurance is cheaper than buying Single Trip Insurance multiple times in a year therefore, the more times you travel, the more you save.

4. Save Time:

With a Multi Trip Annual Plan you won’t need to worry about remembering to buy the travel insurance for that trip because you already have it AND you are covered for a full year. Have your insurance broker automatically contact you about 6-8 weeks before your policy expires which will allow you to purchase the renewal in good time to ensure you have continual coverage.

5. Family Plans:

You can purchase Multi Trip Annual Plans for all your family. This often is a way to purchase the insurance for all your family at a price that is less than purchasing individually. Each person would be insured for their individual trips. It is not required that you travel as a family to have the insurance coverage.

6. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Plans:

You can purchase trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance with your emergency medical insurance on your annual plans. Some insurance companies allow a maximum trip cancellation amount of about $2500 per trip. They would have a maximum per policy of $7000. This would give you coverage for each trip which is especially good for business travelers. As an alternative, you can individually purchase the trip cancellation and interruption coverage as a separate purchase for a specific trip.

7. Sports Coverage:

If you are needing sports coverage with your travel insurance, discuss your needs with your broker to make sure the insurance you are purchasing will cover what you require. Different plans have different areas of coverage with sports, however if you are planning extreme sports, you will most likely need a specially designed travel insurance.

Caution – Credit Card and Health Insurance Travel Plans:

Many people have Annual Travel Insurance with their credit cards or their Health Insurance (group or individual). Some of these insurance plans will not allow you to travel more than a certain number of days per trip AND they will not allow you to top up the number of days with other travel insurance. If you have one of these plans and the number of days you are traveling is longer that what is allowed on your policy, you need to purchase separate insurance for your whole trip.

Travel Insurance Company verses Travel Insurance Broker:

A travel Insurance Broker will have access to several different insurance companies and will search out the best price and quality for your needs. A Travel Insurance Company, or an Insurance Brokerage, or a Travel Agency who only sells one travel insurance company’s product will have less options to help you get the best product for YOUR situation.