Why Canadians Need Travel Insurance When Traveling Within Canada

March 12, 2021

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As a Canadian or permanent resident, why do you need travel insurance within Canada?

Provincial healthcare plans do not cover you fully outside of your home province.

What your provincial health plan DOES NOT cover:

  • Ambulance - ground, air or sea rescue
  • Family member to your bedside
  • Medical equipment rental or purchase
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental services
  • Accommodation costs and meals for traveling companions
  • Escort of insured children home when you are hospitalized
  • Escort of injured person home
  • Return of vehicle

What your provincial health plan PARTIALLY covers:

  • Emergency room fees
  • Hospital Fees
  • Doctor visits
  • X-rays and lab work

Protect Yourself and Your Family

$40.25 per person 

$40.25 per person covers you for up to 12 months out of your province!

If purchased before September 30th 2021, you will receive 15 months coverage!

$40.25 per person covers you for up to 12 months out of your province!

  • Unlimited Trips  Within Canada
  • Trips from 1 day to 12 months. You Choose  
  • Includes a 2 day out of country annual plan  

Family skiing in B.C. for the first time. Unfortunately, Bridgette had a bad run and crashed into a tree. She was airlifted from the mountain to the nearest hospital. She was hospitalized for 5 days before being released.

Air ambulance fees...


Doctors' fees...


Amount paid by TuGo


Details provided by TuGo

An Alberta mother had a premature birth while in Northern Ontario. She was rushed to hospital but that hospital could not deal with her premature birth. She was airlifted to another hospital. She underwent an emergency caesarean and everything worked out fine medically.

Air ambulance fees...


Details provided by Toronto Star

Nova Scotia senior visiting his family in Alberta. He became short of breath. He was airlifted to Edmonton.

Air ambulance fees...


After bargaining, the amount was reduced to $14,000

Details provided by CTV

An Ontario resident visiting her parents in Nova Scotia. She had an emergency and an ambulance took her to hospital. Because of the issue they discovered, she was then airlifted to another hospital 150 km away where she had emergency surgery. 

Ambulance fees...


The interest has been waived. She is paying off the bill at $50 per month. It will take her about 21 years to pay the bill off.

Details provided by CBC

Protect Yourself and Your Family

$40.25 per person 

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