Canadian Out Of Province Travel Insurance Update

As a Canadian citizen or resident, why do you need travel insurance when traveling within Canada? Aren’t you already covered for all your medical bills? The answer is that you are covered for most of your medical bills.

HOWEVER, what you are not covered for when you are in another province could cost you a lot of money. 

  • You are not covered for air ambulance. Canada is a big country. If you get sick or have an accident you may need an air lift to hospital. The bill could easily reach $5,000 to $20,000.
  • You are not covered for the cost of wheelchairs, crutches, braces and many other items of that kind.
  • You are not covered for the cost of returning your vehicle home. 
  • You are ready to go home but you need assistance. Perhaps you need air ambulance to get you home, or you are able to fly home on a regular airline.

If you have Within Canada travel insurance all the above costs would have been covered by the travel insurance company.

There are a few travel insurance companies that cover you in a special way. With these companies, if you have an annual plan with them, they will cover you within Canada for the whole 12 month period that the annual plan is active but each trip out of province can be any length. They also will cover you for traveling to another country from whatever province you are leaving from and you can return to any province you choose.

e.g. You live in Ontario. You have purchased a 4 day annual plan with one of these travel insurance companies. You travel to B.C. and stay there 2 months. You go on a 4 day trip into the USA from B.C. and return to visit a friend in Alberta on the 4th day. You then fly to Nova Scotia to visit another friend and stay with him for 6 months. You then return to Ontario. During all those trips your 4 day annual plan was providing you with the emergency medical coverage you need.


Here are some examples of actual situations:

  • An Ontario man who was visiting the Yukon became sick. He need treatment that was not available in the Yukon and was  transported to Vancouver by air ambulance. It cost him over $18,000.
  • A Montreal woman was mauled by a bear in Churchill, Manitoba. The resulting ground and air ambulance fees were over $13,000.
  • A Winnipeg man traveling out of province on business experienced severe abdominal pain. An ambulance took him to the nearest hospital, where it was discovered he was having an acute gallbladder attack. He required surgery and was discharged after two days. He was not medically fit to drive so he flew back home. The cost of the ambulance, plus the cost of his air fare, plus the cost of having his car returned home was $2,625.31. It was paid for by his travel insurance.



If you already have Out of Country travel insurance in place, it will also cover you for being out of province. However, if you don’t, it is extremely advisable to be safe and purchase. For further information please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.

Steve Eastwood