Who Is This Website For?


We believe it is for YOU. For everyone. At some point in your life you will most likely travel afar, you may get sick and possibly very ill or incapacitated and in need of extra health care. It is also entirely possible you may need income replacement because of accident or illness. Are you a business owner looking to provide group insurance for your employees? Possibly you are considering insurance to help with long term care needs as you become older. Would your family be financially protected if you should die at a younger age? Insurance would help to pay funeral expenses or pay off your debt load?

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal would be to help educate you in any or all of the above areas and get you to the best product available for your situation. We have access to many companies and products and will work with you and personalize your immediate needs and your future long term needs if necessary. Let us help you in the same way that we would for our own families.


Peter C., Burlington. Ontario

Frequent Traveler

I first met Steve Eastwood about 8 years ago at a time when I had discovered that my, then, health insurance company had not been supplying the out-of-province insurance for which I had been paying. Steve was extremely helpful in getting me set up with new health insurance both inside and outside the province and has continued to be helpful throughout the period since that time. He has made constructive suggestions about possible changes as well as alternative ways to handle the financial aspects as situations are updated. I would be pleased to recommend Steve to anyone who was looking for someone to help them with their health insurance knowing that they would be pleased with the outcome.

Anindya Gayen, Brampton, ON

Son of Canadian Visitor From India

My father came for a visit from India. While he was here he had some medical issues which resulted in 3 medical claims with his Visitors To Canada policy. The first claim was paid, one was partially paid and the other was declined. They were all valid claims. Stephen Eastwood worked on our behalf. Although it took 3 months, we got the claims paid. I am very much thankful to Stephen for his friendly behavior, his guidance whenever required and I will surely recommend him to my colleagues and friends whenever they require insurance.

Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP
Certified Financial Planner
Trust & Estate Practitioner

I confidently refer my clients, family and friends to Steve Eastwood for their travel insurance needs. His experience, product knowledge and attention to detail are unmatched, making him a valued member of our professional network.

Aruna S., Burlington, Ontario

Frequent Traveler

Stephen has taken care of my travel insurance needs for more than ten years & over this span his expertise in seeking out the best coverage suitable for me with reputable companies has saved me hundreds of dollars, valuable time & peace of mind.

Larry J Teatero BA, CFP
Financial Planner & Client

Stephen Eastwood is my go to guy for a number of insurance products including travel insurance. I personally know many satisfied clients of his and they are happy.  He is experienced, efficient, provides outstanding value and is the only contact you need.  I hold him in high regard and  trust him with the travel insurance needs of my Mother.

​Kim M., Ontario

Contact Hockey Mum

Thank you very much for your time, help, education and such amazing customer service. Really appreciate everything.

​Sydney Halpern, MB

Satisfied Friend & Client

Stephen Eastwood has been arranging the Travel Health Insurance for my wife and I for eight years and he has been able to customize policies each year to meet our various medical conditions whereas all other agencies declined coverage because of certain pre-existing conditions. He was professional in researching and exploring every possible market to provide coverage for annual travel and for a four month vacation each year. My wife and I are now 83 and 78 years of age respectively and Stephen’s professionalism and empathy for our needs enabled us to continue enjoying annual leisure trips. I recommend him very highly for treating us like good friends and family and not clients alone.

Our Story

Insurance247.ca began out of a passion to serve people and help them make qualified decisions for purchasing travel insurance and disability insurance arising from my own personal experiences over a number of years. These experiences enabled me to see a different perspective for the need of specialized insurances. I have been a licensed broker for the past 15 years gaining exponential knowledge in the areas of travel insurance, health insurance and life and disability insurance and group insurance. During that time I have gained considerable knowledge in the field of long term care and critical illness insurance. Over the course of these years I have developed relationships with many excellent insurance brokers. We work together to provide you the best insurance products with combined knowledge.

Stephen Eastwood

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